“Who we are” A book launched by Nick Wallace

Nick Wallace joined the Sarnia Freedom Alliance to gain support for his presentation “What is the duty of a school board Trustee?” to Lambton Kent District School Board on November 23, 2021. This was in response to their unlawful C19 mandates policy on the children. It was a great success with over 150 people that made a good impact, and Nick was very happy to see the support from everyone.

Nick is inviting us again to support his next efforts as co-author of a new book called Who We Are, for children, up to 100 years old. It is a book for today, and tomorrow. It’s their first book in a series to come.

The current state of kids’ schools, books and minds have been included in the de-spiritualisation process that misidentifies society as thoughts, mind, body, race, gender – and disregards our being a natural part of creation not needing any other permission, identity or approval to be here.

Nick, and his daughter Violet, have made a book to provide some universal truths and healthy tips to kill the past and come back to Life in the present, fully accepted as you are.

Please help share the book launch poster found here: https://ourbooks.ca/#blog

The website is currently under construction and will be up and running soon. Nick & Violet hope to see a full house at the library (300 people) on July 09, 2023 @ 2:30pm. It’ll be fun; musicians are coming, bring your good vibes. Please save the date and pass our book launch poster on by text, email, and social media, and word of mouth, as far as you can (:

Anyone that knows they can make it, and is willing to help out, we could use a few helpers on the day. Not sure how many yet, but for things like greeting at the door, help with slideshow, sales tables, unexpected hiccups, etc.

Thank you very much!!
Nick & Violet Wallace