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Stand 4 Thee

This website has a very well organized information package to learn about your rights, as well as Notice of liabilities that can be used to serve employers and schools that are enforcing mask and shot mandates. Each Notice of Liability (NOL) package contains instructional documents to help you learn how to use them properly and the correct procedure to follow through.

We are All Essential

This organization was created to help business owners exercise their rights by creating a big network of businesses that have step up to help each other. They hold regular Information Sessions and they offer legal and community support to their members. Membership is Free.

Comprehensive package for learning and exercising your rights 

On this comprehensive Document you will find an incredible amount of relevant information on your rights, Canadian legislation that can be used to exercise such rights, as well as additional information on how to fight mandatory experimental injections and masks regulations. For ease of use, below is a list of contents of the document that can be used to search and quickly find specific topics. It is strongly recommended that you read the document on its entirety.

Download here: Know Your Rights PDF

  • Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Human Rights Code
  • Quarantine Act
  • Canadian Bill of Rights
  • How to deal with an employer who pressures you to get “vaccinated”
  • The Nuremberg Code (1947)
  • Health Care Consent Act (1996)
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (1990)
  • Personal Health Information Protection Act (2004)
  • Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (2017)
  • Criminal Code (1985)
  • Vaccine Notice of Liability to Employer (Action4Canada)
  • Reopening Ontario Act Stage 3 (O. Reg 364/20)
  • Trespass to Property Act (1990)
  • Important Vaccine Facts
  • Important Websites for Research
  • Mask Studies – Recent to oldest
  • 30 Studies from medical journals showing Lockdowns don’t work
  • Medical Certificate for mask exemption (Transport Canada)
  • What to do if you get a Ticket
  • Additional Support

Sarnia Freedom Alliance (formerly Leave The Mask) was originally created to oppose the mask mandates and defend people’s Freedom of Choice. The spirit of the group was to always promote civil discussion and sharing of information regarding current events. If you appreciate our work and would like to stay informed on the different initiatives we promote, please consider subscribing to our mailing list below.

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